BUBBLE BOBBLE classic Critique(s)

marcyUwU BUBBLE BOBBLE classic


Que buen juego en esos tiempo, lo malo es que no naci en ellos
Juako BUBBLE BOBBLE classic


A classic game from my childhood that is quite good, the only bad thing is that you cannot continue with the access codes of the levels, now you only have to pay with gems and all that. Somewhat disappointed but enjoyable. What I recommend the most is to play on emulators to play the game. (。>﹏<)
SemuaSinga BUBBLE BOBBLE classic


I like this, it's remind me of the good old days [開心] but the control's a little bit off [鬼臉]
Hugo Torres Gonzalez BUBBLE BOBBLE classic


Clásicos que nadie pidió pero eran necesarios verlos volver
أدم برغلة BUBBLE BOBBLE classic


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