KuraTile The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Love it, it is a live 2D animation and this game is like Food Fantasy but a lot cleaner with their graphic and animation. It easy to play if you put your mind into it. There's auto gameplay if you're to lazy to battle with the monster or enemies. And the battle 'place' is animatic in the way that it blend with the character 'gracefully'. Anyway, it a good game for those who seeks handsome and cute male characters.[怪笑]
Saiyuki Sakurazawa The Tale of Food | SG & MY


I'm an English player, so need more effort to understand this game haha. I dunno the storyline because I can't understand Chinese, but I love the game so far. I adore the characters, how you can put them in the house then they have their own schedule and all. Hopefully they will release English version, because finding out what their skill does is a pain haha. I mostly ss and translate using Google, or refer to the fb fanpage, and used the horrible translation function to get an idea. Overall, still understandable and easy to play, especially if you've played games with similar concept before.
Linnēa Nelson The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Достаточно приятная игра, которая лишь тематикой напоминает кое-какую другую. Однако посмею сказать, что эта игра прекрасна. Непременно жаль, что здесь только китайский, который довольно сложно переводить, но играть в это приятно. Сначала будет сложно привыкнуть и запомнить все нужные кнопки (а еще сложнее выполнять эти задания на 8-9 дней без знания языка).
Музыка великолепна, дизайн интересен, а герои хороши.
Также радует, что игра не начинает сразу душить донатом, как многие другие и пока что не замечен обычный для евро серверов pay to win. Ну и знакомые игрокам фудки hell-ивенты, которые также больше склонны к донату. Хотя может в будущем и эту игру постигнет такое, но очень бы не хотелось.

Озвучка персонажей тоже на китайском и это достаточно непривычно для людей, которые привыкли слышать японских сейю. Хотелось бы в будущем увидеть перевод на английский язык, чтобы было немного проще узнавать как сюжет игры, так и истории персонажей.

Геймплей более динамичный, чем в той же фудке и он только привлекает. Да! Там есть знакомые многим автобег и автобой, однако их можно вовсе и не использовать ;). Ресторанная часть выглядит сначала попроще, но я не до конца разобрался.
Точно такая же судьба постигла и домик, который там имеется. Гача с интерьером имеется и довольно красивым.

В общем, игра точно подойдет для любителей отоме и игр в азиатском стиле.

Жаль, что она не так популярна и ру-сообществ вообще нет. Будет приятно, если хоть кто-то, знающий китайский, начнет это переводить. 🌝👀
OnOrOffBR The Tale of Food | SG & MY


SENSACIONAL, os gráficos são lindos cara, a gameplay é perfeita pra mim, e os traços SÃO LINDOSSSSSS, MANO O JOGO É LINDO PARA UM CRL (desculpem, é a emoção) mano eu mal joguei e já queria beijar a tela do celular, e já comecei amando todos os personagens, sou muito emocionado, relevem 😔✊
Soliloquize The Tale of Food | SG & MY


It's finally out !!!

I absolutely love it so far—the graphics are amazing and aesthetically pleasing, with the voice acting and background sounds even more so. The storyline is pretty interesting as well, not to mention the characters inside actually seem to have some depth to them, and that they're not just for the sake of 'looking good' and for you to collect.

The combat system is pretty simple; the other aspects of it like the cooking, exploring and farming are also not that hard to grasp. There's tons of things for you to do in this game, and you're bound to play it for a few hours tops before finally putting it down lololol

In conclusion: this game's kinda like Food Fantasy, but more polished and with more things to do and essentially just... a lot better. My chinese isn't strong enough for me to understand it 100%, but even with my fumbling around I still enjoyed it a lot! ^^
a_potato The Tale of Food | SG & MY


this game is gonna make a hit if the global server is going to be release soon, nice soundtrack and BGM, nice design, gameplay is early-game friendly, F2P friendly, the art is really beautiful, i kinda suprise that the artist who i really like also draws for this game, although it's all in chinese but really easy to understand, you should play it once if you like beautiful boys and chinese novels
elaine tan The Tale of Food | SG & MY


It is fun, really enjoyed the new functions such as chat that allowed more interactivity. However bundles and clothes/character skin needs to be cheaper. $40 for one character skin seems a bit harsh.
Looking forward to more functions in future developments for this server.
ไว้หลอกด่าควาย The Tale of Food | SG & MY


เกมนี้สนุกจริง ภาพสวย ตัวละครโอเคร
เต็ม10 ให้ 9
game this good
i like game
Ayameme The Tale of Food | SG & MY


德州!!你在哪!! 6个火车模型在等你啊啊啊啊啊!!!
Lohita The Tale of Food | SG & MY


I really love [大哭] it's really cute. The art is so pretty. The gameplay is cute. The main story is full voiced. You can choose as a girl master or boy master
Soukoku The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Husbando collector with actually interesting gameplay and a pretty captivating storyline. On a side note, the gacha sprites are in chibi version though, but we get to see the art during ultimate skill use.
There is also a CN/EN community out there making translations for those struggling.
Nagahara Yuuki The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Нет русского языка и я не знаю китайский , поэтому без понятия какая там сюжетная линия .[大哭][為什麼]
アタネシア The Tale of Food | SG & MY


awesome graphic and interesting events ! [憋屈] RPG game very good !! music as well ! but would be better if gacha guarantee SR+ when gacha it for 10 times at least 🥺

กราฟฟิกดีมากกก เน้นว่ามาก เกมแนว RPG เก็บของทำเควส เพลงเพราะดี มีเสียงพากษ์ตลอด หนุ่มหล่อเพียบ อีเว้นอลังทุกอีเว้นจริงๆ แต่เกลือเยอะมากจริงๆ จะดีกว่านี้ถ้ากด 10 ครั้ง การันตี SR ขึ้นไป เติมจนจะกินแกรบแล้วออกยากมาก 🥺 แต่โดยรวมคือดี
IceroyalmilkteA The Tale of Food | SG & MY


absolutely love this game! its like the combination of my 3 other games that I like (guess). gorgeous animations, easy to maneuver gameplay, auto grind, and lots of freebies.

Its my first time playing a game in fully chinese and having some trouble understanding the stories. I could use the help of an app to translate here and there but not everything. If anything I hope to see an Eng version in the future.
Milklol The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Просто прекрасная игра, всем советую![大哭] Впрочем не буду долго разглогольствовать, отзыв я уже оставлял. А тут хочу сказать, что это первая из версий, в которой легко зарегистрироваться (хотя может я что-то пропустил). В прошлый раз для игры пришлось установить QQ ( ˘•ω•˘ ).oOஇ . Оно все на китайском и я так и не смог вернуть свой прошлый акаунт, сложно. А тут достаточно профиля в Фейсбук или Гугл [開心]
Junru Wong The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Ednagxh nanoko The Tale of Food | SG & MY


this is great 🤣🤣 managed to get more friends to play along with me and now we are busy farming for the characters 😍 character design is superb and the background story for each character just makes it better 👍 the traps though lolol
Momomiyuu The Tale of Food | SG & MY


really love this game! just very glad that they release this version so there won't be problems to login 😊
kyh The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Nice game with good art. I've spent a bit to collect my favourite characters but its worth it ~ love the auto farm feature in routine tasks and farming event stages too, i can put my phone aside and do other things in the meantime.
Kurimu San The Tale of Food | SG & MY


Still waiting for 风生水起 and co so I've been saving all my resources but am able to get by fine even without top rarity units :3 all bois are good bois if eu can use them properly! Of course, like the other servers, nice and easy gameplay and quite ftp friendly as well :D


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