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Korean Otome game about Psycho Boyfriends! Game is in English only.

The story is about a weak female lead (no customizable name) that is constantly bullied in a Korean High School. There are two love interests: Jin (black hair, obessive bully) and Sean (kind and pure classmate). Only the first 26 epsiodes are free. The gacha, where you can get illustrations of the characters, is only free for the first (×5) draw.

Here are the prices for the paid options: (prices in USD)
→ $4.24 for the full epsiode
→ $1.75 for ×10 Gacha
→ $1.05 for ×5 Gacha
→ $4.24 to view all Gacha illustrations

There are obtainable event (story) CGs that can be unlocked via Hidden Endings and Routes. 5 illustrations are available in the free 26 epsiodes, and the remaining 5 is only available in the paid story.

Some game functions, like "My Gacha", does not load.

Overall, the quality of the illustrations are amazing but not all dialogue are voiced. It seems that Jin is the only Yandere in the game, because Sean was just always beaten up and did not much Yandere characteristics. Protagonist is also too weak in my opinion... But overall I recommed downloading this for the amazing graphics! It's up to you whether you want to purchase the full paid version of the story _(:3 」∠ )_ Feel free to comment if you want to see the event CGs!
Seryiena Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


Ah, one of the first game I got from this dev and now wanting more to play of their English translated VNs. One can read further into the story after a one time purchase. Let's see...

Story is staying true to its title; it's about guys who are infatuated with MC and go great length just so she can be theirs. The plot is full of twists and turns with multiple endings. Dang, how wrong my impression is with both main guys. It made my love and hate towards them did a complete 360° turn. Lol. I kinda don't like the MC but seeing how she's treated at school, it's understandable. But holy llama that level of bullying is just too much. No teachers questioning it is making things odd.

Graphics, illustration for CGs and characters design are nice. Not really a fan of the sound effect but dev did a good job on voice acting. To be honest I'm not sure about the gacha but being able to feast my eyes on arts of ikemen is great. Plus there's side story for each cards to read. Still not into completing my collection though. Lol. Anyway, I enjoy my read of this VN. Now waiting patiently for 2nd season to be translated and released~ (ㆁωㆁ)
DumplingGirl Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


this was my very first Korean game that I've ever played personally I love Otome games I'm a big sucker for them especially when it's girl falls in love with boy concept so when I figure out this game was sort of like that I was really excited so I gave it a try and I truthfully going to say the English is a little confusing and a little bit bad but regardless I personally wouldn't highly recommend this game to someone but if you are interested in playing the game then go right ahead
ShzwaniChan Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


im in love with this game
and im buy whole episodes 💕
its worth buy it
Kaz Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


The graphics and the voice are the best. I like it so much. And the storyline have some twists, I was shocked lmao. I played all the chapter and like the 5th ending hehe
dixncie Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


Jin please step on me.....
owo Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


Ndjdjdjjdjdjsj i love it-
GothicWhite Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


เกมสัญชาติเกาหลี มีเสียงสำหรับตัวหลัก ตัวละครค่ายนี้มาคล้ายๆในลายเส้นของ poppy boys มีภาษาอังกฤษให้อ่าน จะได้ไม่ดำน้ำแล้ว...
bodoque1321 Mes copains psycho - Otome Game


you either love or don't care about this game
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