Enelru Junhasobhaga One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


จะมีตัวใหม่มาไหมเอ่ย อยากทราบ ถ้ามีจะมาช่วงไหน จะได้รู้ว่าควรเล่นยาวหรือแค่ลอง
Velvyx One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


P2W gacha games with no event other than topup and battlepass. Boring gameplay and long stage make this game a no for me. Hard to collect ingame currency to gacha make it worse. Servers filled with Whalers P2W and Arena dominated by them is laughable. Slow progression and dev gave you nothing to play with. i suggest you dive to other opm game even tho they had chinese language. dont bother to play this one.
Toijin One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


Started off as a great game using an amazing IP. However after a few weeks of playing the game you will realise how shallow it actually is and how they butchered the One Punch Man IP.

The graphical art is great as it's done by Murata (manga artist) but comparative to their Chinese version this one is pixel art. $60 for a skin of Tatsumaki wearing a blue coloured dress!

Music is extremely repetitive with certain item pickup/loot noises repeating constantly. Once you hear it you can't unhear it. It's quite irritating, i play with sound off.

Gameplay is terrible. It's a turn-based game, which takes an extremly long time to grind even simple encounters, unskippable and there is 8-10 fights per encounter. So imagine something you can do while AFK, requiring 3 mins per fight x10 times just to farm a tiny amount of materials to upgrade your team. There is no challenge to any of the events, encounters or PVE elements and it is VERY grindy if you wish to have any semblance of progress.

> The gameplay is based on RNG and you spending real $ on characters, limited time events and paywalled abilities. <

You can equip accessories on your characters and team. However it's completely based on a random system with bad rolls requiring weeks of work to result in absolutely nothing. You combine equipment in hopes of upgrades at significant time and cost invesments only to receive actual downgrades.

Now this wouldn't be a bad thing but the game is extremely overpriced: $80 for 4 skill replacements locked behind a paywall as an example. So far since release, they have also repeated events, special events and holiday events. As in, the exact same event - they even forgot to change the name from the previous one!

The Christmas event, where other games usually provide gifts and a thank you to the playerbase for playing their game. OG gave out 777 gems (about 2 recruits at 2% chance of getting a good hero) and instead released new monetisation with a total of 6 new abilities behind paywalls etc. to give themselves a nice holiday bonus.

If you like the IP. Play the chinese version, it's a different dev team. Avoid this game if you don't want to be disappointed and end up feeling guilty from spending $100s+
Mark Kindangen One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


UwU Gacha Pertama Kali Langsung Dapet Tank Top Master:v UwU
cristian dure One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


es una lastima que se enfocaran en hacer una version 2.0 de este que es una porquería.. este juego era perfecto. es una lastima que lo hayan abandonado asi. meses y meses jugandolo para encontrarme con un total abandono del mismo de un dia para otro.
Royyan MobiDroid One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


Gacha ga guna anjg
ต้า'า สาย'ยหล่อ'อ One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


กฤติพงศ์ One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


Koro x ONIC One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


Audrey Prayoga One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


bagus harus login kelen
Dheni Ezza One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


ko lama ya loding nya
Dhion Gamliel One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


game bagus
CuriosidadesconIsmae One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


No sacan mas. Cosas
GG TV One-Punch Man: Road to Hero


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