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Hidden my game by mom 3

Hidden my game by mom 3

Hidden my game by mom 3



The 3rd game that once again has you, the boy, searching the perfectly shape-shifting blue house in and out for your game that constantly gets hidden away by mom! It worked before, and it'll work again! Simply tap random objects and people and try to solve simple puzzles as you search for the game. There's 30 stages full of meaningful and well thought out puzzles that make complete sense at all times. The gameplay, sound, and visuals are all basic, but the game makes up for it in terms of hilarity and charm. Definitely give the previous two games a shot before this one! Just note how common ads appear, especially if you're failing plenty of times very quickly. And the one and only music loop familiar to players of this series is still here constantly playing at all times! I think I'll make it my ringtone.

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Fauzi Nugroho


veryy very good game[開心]

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