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One More Free Life

One More Free Life




2D auto game with VRMMORPG Ossan theme. You can only control when to skill using 1 button on/off in battle, thats all. There is no tension or feel of control in it. It's just feel so underwhelming.

The story is like that RE:Monster Goblin game in which you will be accompanied with some unknown girl that didnt exist in story of the manga/novel.

The art is fine, if you familiar with the manga or artist artwork, you will know what to expect.

The other mechanic is also fine, standard mobile rpg. You make your own equipment and item from mission drop, Gacha and other stuff.

Overall, you decide yourself.

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ShinZoku Menijüno


someone can explain me the event? i can't deliver the weapons/armor i craft and i don't know how to make it work




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