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Blocky Army Battle Royale is unique, action-paced multiplayer game! Play countless online team and solo matches, explore the endless totally blocky world, customize your character and chat with friends!

Cooperate with friends, use various weapons to dominate the battlefield by taking on each enemy and strive to be the best pixel sharpshooter! Adjust your tactics to each map, mode and weapon and become the blocky master!

Find the hammer and build your own base! In Blocky Battle Royale you can create floor, walls and stairs! Team up with friends and try to create the biggest tower! Who's the best pixel builder?

Blocky Battle Royale features:
- fast paced ONLINE game action
- various multiplayer modes, including death match and team game
- many different maps
- various cool weapons, including pistols, machine guns, accurate snipers, shotguns, and even hidden bazooka
- base building mode in which you can create your own house
- customizable controls (joystick, arrows, screen)
- customizable graphics quality (for both high-end and low-end devices)
- advanced skills system; your can progress your character running speed, jump strenght, total health, stamina and much more!

Our game is unique and alive. We are constantly adding new servers, maps, and gamemodes. We are adding special events every weekend and extras like FLYING FIGHTS, HAMMER DAYS, FREE TANKS, etc. This game is driven by community and we want you to join us!

Blocky Battle Royale isn't a regular game! This is game is about teamwork and creativity! Cooperate with friend, come up with your own tactics and use hammer at your own advantage! Build hideouts, bases, and towers! Place walls to create cover! Stack stairs to reach the stars! See you in our blocky world!
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1 Rating(s), 1 Comentario(s)
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