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82 Rating(s), 44 Comentario(s)

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Rotaeno (previously known as Project GW) is a music paid game developed by Dream Engine Games, which is a game studio created by students from Hong Kong. Rotaneo is a music game themed around "rotation", where each level is presented on a circular surface. Making use of the built-in gyroscope in modern day's smartphones, the game can detect the movement of the player and rotate the gameplay. Apart from the ordinary taps, swipes and catches, Rotaeno adds a special movement into its gameplay, the "quick rotation". Rotaeno will deliver a fresh experience to every music game lover.

Official website: https://www.rotaeno.com/
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.6
82 Rating(s), 44 Comentario(s)
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