Escape game: Children's room~ Boys room edition ~ is an escape game for mobile.

Let's escape from the children's room.

[How to play Escape Game]
Search for items and hints to escape!
Each situation will require to combine items and find the right actions.
· Tap to select item
· While item is selected, tap again to enlarge.

BGM · · · BGM ON / OFF, adjust the music volume
Save · · · Save Game. (There is no auto save function)
HINT · · · BBS or Walkthrough video.
Follow · · Stay updated on the latest app news

[Escape game:Children's room~ Boys room edition ~]
You can clear it by watching the walkthrough video from the hint.
All levels are free to play
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.9
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Escape game:Children's room~ Boys room edition ~ 逃脫遊戲:逃離孩子們的房間 〜男孩房版〜 será instalado en tu dispositivo. NEAT ESCAPE
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