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Skruta: A Dark Twisted Maze is a retro Arcade puzzle game combining popular swipe style mechanics with dungeon crawler feel.

As a knight seeking adventure found himself trapped in a medieval Catacomb searching for a hidden treasure and an exit to the deep dark horror maze, lost in a mystical labyrinth full of wide range of traps, obstacles, monsters, hidden moving platforms falling spikes and secret power-ups. ranging form falling spikes to hidden traps and dashing powerful enemies.

The game contains story mode with 13 worlds and over 40 level, and mind binding arcade mode with procedural unlimited stages to amaze those seeking to gain high score and collect big amount of coins.

Watch out! Skruta gets harder as you play, more hidden traps and new dangers can appear in the maze! this game require sharp mind, patience and attention to details.

Coins can be used to unlock multiple characters with unique abilities, pay to continue from certain levels and checkpoints.

Skruta can be very addictive, fun, mind binding and sharp twisted experience for those who love super brain challenging experience, and has super sharp attention to details.
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.6
2 Rating(s), 3 Comentario(s)
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