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[The game server has been shut down on 10 May 2021. This is an offline version of the game which players can still enjoy the puzzle and read stories.]

Toro to Puzzle is a puzzle game developed by Sony and Forwardworks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dokodemoissyo. Players can chat with the adorable characters from Dokodemoissyo, and solve puzzles with them. After solving a puzzle, players will get a reward and then build their own town with Toro.
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.2
41 Rating(s), 31 Comentario(s)
QRCode Toro to puzzle offline ver. 多樂貓與好友們:溫泉小鎮 離線版 | 日版 será instalado en tu dispositivo. ForwardWorks Corporation
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