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This game is the simplified Chinese ver. of Japanese game Normal Me and Abnormal Friends. 
Developed by Entabridge Co., Ltd, the story is completely free-of-charge and no stigma is needed to complete the story.
(Required time to complete: Around two hours)

This school is a normal school with neither special results of college examinations nor brilliant club achievement.
Even more normal is Mitsuhashi, a transfer student who is easily lost trace in the crowd. He is also too normal to make any friends and join any clubs. 
However, this normal boy somehow joined a club, which is formed by a Demon and a Witch. 

The purpose of the club is to teach the Demon and the Witch what human society is like and help them successfully graduate from high school.

How would this encounter change Mitsuhashi and Is he going to make the Demon and the Witch graduate from high school!?
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.5
51 Rating(s), 0 Comentario(s)
普通的我与非同寻常的朋友 普通的我與非同尋常的朋友 | 簡中版 será instalado en tu dispositivo. Entabridge Co., Ltd.&撲家工作室 Descargar APK
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