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Tinker Island is a puzzle game. 

Tired of so many same games, stories and experiences? Looking for something thrilling and unique? 
You've found it - Tinker Island!

Greetings from The Island – a place where there’s no time to be bored and no place to be safe. Where a group of shipwrecked survivors urgently need your help to survive. Where numerous hidden treasures are waiting for you to hunt for them. Where ancient islands pop up from nowhere to be explored. Where hundreds of quests, experiments, missions, riddles and puzzles pose a challenge every single day. You’ll enjoy this!

But remember! – Tinker Island has many Secrets.

Tinker Island Game features:

- Help a party of men and women survive on The Island
- Turn an abandoned beach into a flourishing farm
- Grow food, craft equipment, build a seaside village
- Explore the Island and its heartland
- Hunt for hidden treasures
- Travel to ancient Archipelagos
- Reveal the mystery of the Volcano
- Complete thrilling quests and challenging missions
- Gain unique rewards
- Play with your friends and make new ones
And… have fun!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 2.2
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