"I'll give you half of the world! Please don't kill me!" So the Devil Lord said.
Well, obviously, the Devil Lord is the last person you should trust...


"So, you've come." Said the Devil Lord, "Now I'm going to destroy you with my own hands!"
After a few seconds, the Brave had won the duel with his overwhelming power!
However, right before he finished off the Devil Lord, a secret deal was made...
Half a year had past since the duel...
There are no signs of monsters reducing in the world, there are even more sightings than before!
Obviously something had gone wrong. The Brave decided to head out and confront the Devil Lord once again...!

Game Features:

■ In order to claim half of the world, you must confront the Devil Lord once more! He is hiding on the top of the Devil Lord Castle, so let's start climbing!
■ Gather companions around the world! Overwhelm the Devil Lord Castle with all kinds of power!
■ Ascensions will greatly increase you and your companion's power! Use ascensions to gain the upper ground against powerful enemies!
■ Summons will give you an extra edge during battle! Though they may only last for a short while, their powers sure are overwhelming!"
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.0
8 Rating(s), 1 Comentario(s)
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