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A Melancholy of Journey to Travel the whole country with virtual characters!

▼ ▽ Introduction of the game ▼ ▽

◆ ◇ Travel adventure game where character runs all over Japan! ◆ ◇

Choose the area you want to travel from all over Japan and let the character go on a journey!
According to the progress of the game, the area where you can go on traveling, Chubu, Tohoku ... and more and more will spread!
Leave it as long as you are traveling! Let's wait for yourself to come back slowly

◆ ◇ Power up the character with the points you got on a trip! ◆ ◇

Every time you power up you will get more coins and points!
Let's carefully consider which parameters to up!
Look forward to increasingly inflationary parameters!

◆ ◇ Let's collect omoide! Aim to go through the whole country in Japan! ◆ ◇

Every time a new Japanese sightseeing is visited, Omoide will gather!
Take the character to various places throughout Japan and aim for complete !!!

Destination example:
· Tokyo Sky Tree, Kaminarimon, Akihabara Electric Town, Nagoya Castle, Dotonbori, Onomichi, Sakurajima ... etc

◆ ◇ Let's call up various characters in cooperation with THE SEED ONLINE ◆ ◇
By linking with 3D avatar & 3D data submission platform "THE SEED ONLINE" provided by virtual cast, it is possible to use various characters !!!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 2.6
10 Rating(s), 2 Comentario(s)
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