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Fast cafe is a game that you offer coffee to customers exactly and quickly along the order.
It's a simple and exciting game!!
Let's provide coffee accurately as soon as possible.
Sometimes, cute animals also visit your Café.
Please welcome any guest with a smile!!

●How to play
Select the correct button according to customer's order.
-Large size or Small size
-Hot or Ice

●Game mode
There are two types of modes.
You can choose either favorite mode each time.

-Mode to provide coffee to more customers quickly and accurately in 60 seconds

-Mode in which the game tempo gradually increases without time limit
If you provided a different coffee than the order, the game is over.

●Interior collection
With coins you earned by offering coffee, you can turn Gacha.
If you get lighting, wallpaper and ornamental plants by Gacha, enjoy the renovation of your Cafe.
Let's make your favorite fancy Café.

Let’s challenge!!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.3
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