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☞ Otra versión: ゾンビ彼女

Will you still love her if you wake up one day and find your lovely girlfriend is a zombie? Free zombie growing game.

What would you do if your lovely girlfriend turned into a horrible zombie one day?
Raise your loved but grotesque girlfriend on this "Dark simulation game"!

--Only if she is saved, that's all I want--
My girl has turned into a disgusting creature.
Feed her with the "brains" you hunt from other zombies and give her back her human intelligence

--She groans mysterious words--
Her words of groaning tell a story.
The secret behind the accident is slowly revealed...!

--Your obsession for her turns the key for the ending--
Could this zombie be really her?
I have no choice but to trust myself, to get her back.


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Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.4
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