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■ 1. [Introduction of game]

- Coordinate everything from cute girls to your own style.
- From the rough to the completion, it was produced based on the actual trendy fashion. Collect high quality items.

■ 2. [It is really easy and simple operation.]

- From "part-time" to new product purchases with surprisingly simple operation.
- Dress and save your costume items at any time.
- You can get 'part-time reward' even during the time you are out of the game.
  Access every time you go, and collect all the costumes in the game.
- You can get more rewards easily when you see 'Ads' or hit the 'Part Time' button.

■ 3. [Let me make my own girl!]

- Share your own 'Cody Girl' with my SNS sharing feature!
- Save a variety of concepts in a generous storage slot without additional purchases.
- Explore trendy styles with seasonal updated costume items!

■ 4. [Let's apply to various activities!]

- Not only in the game, but also beautifully decorated [Coordination Girl] can be applied to the actual coordination,
  You can use it when drawing pictures!
- Decorate your game with a variety of concept coordination and hairstyles that you've been thinking about in your head.

■ 5. We will support 'English' and 'Japanese' sequentially.

Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.4
20 Rating(s), 7 Comentario(s)
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