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159 Rating(s), 145 Comentario(s)
[Important] After the update on 16 Oct, game data may be lost. Please be noted that players will need to replay from the start in order to experience the new chapter. 
Guju - The Love Story official email: service@xingfeiinc.com, official QQ: 2852335920, official no.: (+86)4009900620

Guju - The Love Story is a cute romantic cartoon mobile game. As a player you will be responsible for caring for a variety of tree sparrow birds where your performance will be measured on your “Goodwill” level. As you progress there will be multiple conclusions to this game. No matter the case, start caretaking your birds and see whose the most fashionable lot of the furries!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.7
159 Rating(s), 145 Comentario(s)
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