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Ao Oni Online is a mobile game where 100 players will fight against blue devil (Ao Oni) in a closed room and only one of them can survive.

A wide variety of maps!

■ The blue devil's appearence may also change.
■ Survive using the pedestals and switches.

Find your own skin!
■ There may be skin that is similar to yourself in real-life.
■ You can also choose words that you can say during the game as well!

Blue Escape (Aoni Ge) to aim for ranking top!
■ Segment ranked "Season Rank" held every week!
■ Will be wrapped in special light if the player has a high ranking.
■  Limited skin is also gettable by participating in the rank battle.
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.2
315 Rating(s), 258 Comentario(s)
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