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Only PC was her friend !!
I went into the evil path to make money!
Raising a girl (hacking .ver) Released!
================================================== =============
Make money and try hacking with better equipment !!
If you enter the road of evil, you must be a tower there!
Let's make the best hacker by buying and upgrading PC and necessary equipment !!
================================================== =============
A completely simple simple click game !!
When Fever occurs, the money is doubled !!
Enjoyable animation with dot!
You can buy a costume to decorate your character.
You can buy a pet and get a buff.
You can collect more mercers by collecting mercenaries.
This game is an addictive negligent Clecker game that you can enjoy with dot animation.
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.2
4 Rating(s), 3 Comentario(s)
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