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Due to the expiration of the partnership period for this game, it has been removed at the request of the developer. For subsequent updates, please visit the link below.

Hunter X Hunter is an action game based on Hunter x Hunter and developed by Tencent Games. 

The characters and plot are all based on the anime Hunter x Hunter. Players can select from various classes and skills to mix and match their own pattern. Together with hearty combo experience and diverse exploration mission, players can surely enjoy hunting with others!


[Original Plot x Main Characters]
Join the hunter exam with Gon and Killua! Battle in the Heavens Arena and explore the mysterious hunter world!

[Horizontal Platform x Smooth Combo]
Unleash skills with rich action elements such as floating and hardening! Experience cool and smooth combo!

[Numerous Missions x Unlimited Exploration]
Explore diverse challenging quests! Clear the stages of Ruins, Nether, and Swirl to get 100+ special items such as orange and pink artifacts!

[Fair Battle x Balance Matching]
Battle with the numerical matching system! Enjoy fair battle experience in different models like 1V1, 3V3 or wheel battle!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.7
42 Rating(s), 24 Comentario(s)
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