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Mobbles is a causal AR mobile game where players can catch mobbles near them.

★ Mobbles are creatures living around you, in the real world! Scan your neighborhood and catch them all!
There are more than 250 Mobbles to collect!

★ Take care of them like real pets, trade them with your friends, and challenge them in funny real-time battles!

★ Some Mobbles only go out at night, others only when it's raining and some even go out in specific locations! Hunt them down if you want to get them! Make friends with other users from all around the globe to complete your collection!

- SCAN your area to find Mobbles around you!
- CATCH them once you're close enough!
- RAISE them once you caught them: feed them, wash them, make them play and sleep!
- LEVEL THEM UP to unlock cool features and outfits!
- TRADE them with your friends to grow your collection!
- BATTLE them with your friends in cool real-time fights!
- UNLOCK ACHIEVEMENTS and become a Mobbles Master!
- NEW MOBBLES released every week!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.4
40 Rating(s), 16 Comentario(s)
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