[Game introduction]
It is an "Ultra High Speed Running Game"!
Accelerate Sushi more and more, earn score and points!
If you accumulate points, you can get a new Sushi at the shop.
Let's compete with world rivals in the rankings!

*Simple rule!
Just flick the Sushi to the left and right!
Let's accelerate in the "dash zone" while quickly avoiding the teacup and kitchen knife.
The faster the speed, the more scores will be added!

*Destroy with shot!
Tap to shoot shots! Always remember the remaining bullets.
Although you can destroy the teacup, knives can not be destroyed!

*Unlock Sushi with level up!
High-performance sushi is unlocked by raising the level.
You can exchange sushi for points at the store.

*World ranking
When you record high scores, you will be entered in the net rankings.
Can you compete against world rivals?

*Addicting games! Completely free play!
This is the awesome game , because you can play completely free!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 1.0
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