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Game system

Hero you own! It is possible to damage the enemy by the tap.
In gold we got to defeat the enemy, trying to strengthen the various elements!

Character that became a fellow us to attack automatically.
You can level up with a gold, a unique strengthening also possible using the treasure!
Even strength appearance by performing a strengthening also UP!

Equipment & boss pieces system
In the battle with the enemy, drop a piece of rare equipment and the boss!
It attracted a lot of, let's advantageous combat!

Treasures system
By subdue the settle area boss in each area
Items for collecting the treasure can get.
Attempts to acquire the treasure using that item!

Area boss
Area boss, ultra-powerful monster that dot the each map.

PvP system
By clearing up the stage of the specific conditions, competition between players! ?
In the battle between the player, available to the boss monsters! ?"

Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 1.9
15 Rating(s), 0 Comentario(s)
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