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A free multi ending caring game with
beautiful illustrations!

『The Cat of Happiness』
I feel the weight on the futon and open my eye…
There are three little boys in front of me!
Moreover, these boys are with cat's ears and tails……!!!!
They have the same characteristics with my cats…
Are these boys actually my cats!?
Why are them half human half cat!?
Even though this is too unrealistic,
the master (you) is so excited about this situation
and the three wild and free cats who play, talk and spend time together
Enjoy this relaxing and caring game!

【About this APP】
Easy to operate!
Every time you plan with these 『three kittens』, your love meter accumulate,
There will be different choices to choose!
According to your choices,
the secret of "Why these three are half cat and half human"
will be revealed depending on different endings!!
With every ending, you get a beautiful illustration,
for people who complete all the ending will get extra
two beautiful illustration, special offer!
Make good use of the items appear from time to time which can boost up
love meter or help you get into the bonus stage with a lot of items showing up
Don’t miss the chance!
For people who keep cats!
People who do not keep cats!
You will all fall in love with these three lovely kittens!!
Start to enjoy the relaxing caring game by playing with these kittens!

----------☆Recommend for the following people☆----------
・People who like cats.
・People who like to play Otome game(game for girls).
・People who likes "My Cutie Devil".
・People who want to kill time while commuting to school or work.
・People who want to play games which are easy and relaxing.
・People who like to play casual game.
・People who like kawaii games.
・People who like beautiful feminine illustration.
・People who like Japanese anime.
・People who like cute characters.
・People who like love simulation game.
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2 Rating(s), 0 Comentario(s)
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