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No one knows the truth. I do not know also lie .Because.....
My story is filled with "Mystery"
Escape game×Fairy tale adventure!
Trying to escape from Wonderland!
~~~ Alice's escape ~~~
⇒「Alice's escape」Features
*Escape to the 'Alice in Wonderland'
*Mystery can be solved with a story! Fairy tale adventure
*Future changes in your behavior! It is escape game that employs multiple endings.
*It is a long stage-play free escape games.
*Auto-save Free time, etc you can play comfortably.
*Escape game for beginners to advanced, to operation is simple and easy!
⇒「Alice's escape」How to play
*Cute girl Alice, let's escape from Wonderland.
*I was tap's. Hidden items and "secret cards"?
*Items you get are intact, combine with other items, let's try!
*[ Hint ]You can get tips on escape by pressing the button.
⇒In this way recommended!
*Those who love the Gothic, fairy tale, fairy tale
*Those who want to try lost in Wonderland
*Those who like 'Alice in Wonderland'
*Anyone who likes adventure games and light novels and novels reading series
*Gimmicky but fun escape game to challenge those who wish
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