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Deadly Fairytales is a role-playing game launched by friDay PLAY.
In this game, players enter the fantasy adventure of the fairy tale world and cultivate characters!

【game introduction】
There are as many as hundreds of fairy tale characters in chaos themes,
A cute 3D action fairy tale game with two heads and body proportions, subverting your imagination of fairy tales,
Assemble Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and many other fairy tale heroes,
Extreme spoof, challenging traditional fairy tale thinking,
A domineering mobile game that makes you eat or sleep,
The masterpiece that rewrites the history of fairy tales is about to cover the ghost island!

【Game Features】
1. A magical copy of a fantasy fairy tale. I don’t know the ending until the moment of life and death. Different from the main story of the original fairy tale, each level is closely linked to the compact plot. What are the secrets of the big wild wolf and the little red riding hood. The love between Snow White and the frog prince in the garden The amazing finale of the fairy tale that you never expected will definitely make you dumbfounded!

2. A variety of fairy tale characters are free to send you Prince Charming X Snow White X Cinderella classic battle: the mother Alice after the Three British Wars sleepwalking in the four directions, the mermaid deep-sea decisive battle in the Pacific non-limited open-ended combat combination, you can match what you want.
Let you fight and fight and fight, the overlord of the fairy tale world is none other than you!

3. A variety of fashions allow you to dress up at the cutting-edge magician of the times, Xiaozhengtai, dark monarch, magic witch, several kinds of strange and strange fashions,
The fashion trend of the fairy tale world will give you one satisfaction and let you walk on the road of the fairy tale world until the tide is out of the water!

4. Dazzling skills, a variety of unscientific world BOSS monsters will make you stare at an angry sickle, flame rain bombardment, thunder and rage claws, and a variety of skills that are simple and refreshing.
Furious dragons, tyrant giants, and nightmarish world bosses attack your fairy tale world!

5. Everyone has mines, the ghost island guild battle that throws the head and sprinkles the blood is on the verge of being stolen, I can bear it,
I can tolerate losing in the arena,
But it’s not enough to insult my guild and the country I live in!
Grab the city, the mine, and the girl, and the people of Love Bay have come out RIGHT NOW!

6. The Asian dance king waits for you to be the first fairy tale electronic dance party after the electronic dance, R&B. Blues. Jazz. Rock and roll a variety of music for you to choose,
Whether you are a dancer, a dancer, a dancer, a dancer, a stick, or a ghost, there will always be a dance-powered electronic sound.
Experience the extreme thrill of dancing in the audience, full of dance power, and let you dance so embarrassingly as to freeze it!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 2.9
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