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Present the captivated dark fantasy with the attractive illustrations, a romance adventure game for you――
◆ We'll recommend you, if you…
‧ Interest in romance game or otome(girls') game
‧ Want to play a high-quality otome(girls') game
‧ Like the fantasy
‧ Like the subject about the campus
‧ Like the shojo(girls') comics and animation
‧ Have interests in werewolf and vampire
‧ Want to read a serious story
‧ Want to read the sweet words which make your heart beating fast
‧ Want to read a story with some jests
◆ Story
The town where the main character, Cloé (name can be changed), is intensely surrounded by barriers, a place like a cage.
Included her, all residents in this town are zombies.
Before the end of their life, many zombies kill themselves. Besides that, the daily life in this town is very peaceful…….
An admission notice of a famous campus with all kinds of races, which was only sent to the outstanding students, comes to Cloé, who wants to know more about the outside world.
Werewolf, Hollow man, Vampire, Mummy etc....
Live with the charming residents in the dark, the privilege campus life!
Cloé realizes the forbidden love overpassed races there――
◆ Character
◇ Shiba (Werewolf)
Sunny, like tricks and like to help others, thus, he always is a leading character in the class.
Even he seems to be seen as a fashionable, smart person but……?
◇ Nagi (Hollow man)
Good at studying, tender than anyone else.
In contrast to his cute appearance, he is pretty honest and self-control.
One thing to be impressed, sometimes he will reveal a cloudy look in a second.
◇ Ray (Vampire)
Arrogant, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With the race in high-class, he is very proud of himself. He can't resist the beauty. All he chooses to sip the blood owns a beautiful appearance.
◇Natsume (Mummy)
Cool, and seems to keep a distance from others, but actually an existence can't be ignored. As a mummy of low-class, nevertheless, all his behavior is so elegant, and also pretty intelligent. Somehow is an incredible being.
◆ System
All the characters have 10 episodes and 2 ending episodes. The prologue and the first episode are free.
While the story keeps progressing, the choices will be shown. According to the choice you picked, the impression of the character toward you will be better. Let's keep raising the good impression and step to the Happy Ending!
◆ The basic information
‧ Free download (Some parts of scenario need to be purchased.)
‧ Recommend system: Version since Android 2.3 (some systems out of recommendation can be used)
‧ Memories needed: at least 180MB
※To download more data than 150MB for the first time, it is recommended that you use the Wi-Fi.
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.4
48 Rating(s), 21 Comentario(s)
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