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――The story of girl Alice that I lost all, and obtained all……
「It was met in the world of awfully beautiful "insanity" so as to be warped」
▲▽▲Children's story with the voice Evolution Game▲▽▲
~~~ Evolution Game Alice of an Madness country ~~~

⇒[Alice of an Madness country]Characteristic
*Upbringing game of "insanity" about "Alice in Wonderland"
*I begin to speak Alice in the voice that Alice shows cute when involved! (the voice deployment)
*A story begins to change with growth of Alice!
*The future changes by your action! It is the upbringing game that adopted multi-ending.
*It is the children's story system upbringing game which it is simple, and can be idle free.
*Even an upbringing game beginner plays by simple operation easily!

⇒[Alice of an Madness country]How To Play
*I am idle with cards soldier and Cheshire cat breeding in in progress at time and get an experience level and a coin!
*When an experience level accumulates to a maximum, a figure of Alice changes.
*I can obtain a convenience item helping upbringing with a coin.


⇒Music / sound effects
Music is VFR http://musicisvfr.com/
ポケットサウンド http://pocket-se.info/
魔王魂 http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/
甘茶の音楽工房 http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/
兜虫とパンケーキ http://beetlepancake.web.fc2.com/
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