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Since its release, it has been much talked about around the world and in the manufacturer community!
The shocking Moyashi-growing game "Moyashibito DX" has been completed and is now back!
In other words, it's DX...

> Delicious Xtacy <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

■Easily execute actions like spraying and harvesting using one finger■
・Blow out water by pushing the spray button
・Harvest your grown Moyashi by flicking it

■Illustrated reference book! Rankings! Do a lot more things!■
・More than 50 kinds of Moyashi to grow!!
・Introduction of the seasonal ranking event!!

■As always, the game is for free■
・Everything is free! Harvest as much Moyashi as you want!
・Gacha? Item? I don't know!!

■Foreign Assistance■
・Wow! That Moyashi will make a comeback?
・It seems like these Moyashi will be going to the future.
・Yeaaah! With this, my mood is becoming like that of a wife!
・This is the healthy game that you wanted to comeback!
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