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Tap Dungeon RPG is a clicker RPG that you can readily play whenever you have time.
The Devil King sealed away in the deep underground has been resurrected and you have to destroy him. Along the way are monsters to destroy as you go deeper and deeper underground.

Seeking quick riches, the King drilled for oil.
However, instead of striking oil, he resurrected the Devil King who had been sealed away…

【Simple strategy!】
・Battling monsters is automated, so no troublesome operations!

【Click whenever you want】
・Just click continuously when you feel like it! The monsters will scatter at once!

【Great fun collecting!】
・Over 900 items to be found in the dungeons!
・The more items you find, the more benefits!

【Storyline unimportant】
・The storyline is unimportant so the game's tempo is not affected.
・Skip button skips through the storyline!

【No in-app purchases】
・No in-app purchases! Play for free all the way!

* Recommended for people who enjoy games with hack and slash.

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Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 2.7
32 Rating(s), 1 Comentario(s)
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