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Vampire Legacy: City Builder is a truly engaging game that plunges you right into the medieval world full of secrets where vampires and humans coexist in a fragile balance. Its deep plot tells the story of a long-forgotten incident that shattered local lives forever… breaking the two races apart. And it’s up to you to investigate the nature of this mysterious curse and reunite the feuding peoples!

To bring wealth and prosperity back to this world, you’ll assume the role of the head of a local settlement: mine resources, construct new buildings and facilities, and develop the economy to ensure that your town thrives.

Build grand monuments to manifest your success in reuniting humans and vampires. And keep an eye on your citizens, organizing fabulous festivals and decorating the streets to keep them happy!

Recruit the best heroes for your team! For example, a brave maiden from the vampire clan and a brilliant local botanist will help you deal with the dark curse that is now threatening the prosperity of your realm.

Immerse yourself in the richly detailed world of Vampire Legacy: City Builder, where awesome graphics bring texture and life to the medieval world with its grand buildings, cozy streets, and picturesque views. And feel the mystery and adventure coursing through your veins as you tackle one sudden plot twist after another in this remarkable fantasy world!

Download now and begin your journey to reunite the two feuding sides torn apart by darkness!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 2.0
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