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DoTap Quest" is a charming, dot-picture, Idle-based adventure RPG!
Level up while defeating powerful monsters, summon and strengthen heroes, organize your party, defeat enemies, and get rewards with easy abandon! Heroes have unique skills, and there are numerous builds such as attack, critical, and attack speed types! Upgrade your heroes by defeating enemies, getting gold, strengthening your character, and killing more enemies in the dungeon! The more you play the game, the more you progress.
Customize your hero to give you a big advantage in battle! Customize your heroes to create your own unique fighting style. Dive into a world that will lead you to a deep and fascinating gameplay!

■Released auto battle ■
Just tap the screen and the characters will use their attractive skills. Also, if you turn on the auto-battle mode, the heroes will fight automatically, so you can easily leave auto-battle without touching the screen. This game is recommended for those who want to play an easy, one-handed game or for those who want to play in their spare time. In addition, various contents await you as you progress through the game!
And discover more than 40 unique heroes, each with their own special skills and ready to join you on your quest.

■Simple, abandoned RPG battle system! ■
DoTap Quest is a hack-and-slash type game with an auto-battle system. You can enjoy speedy, simple, and exciting battles with easy controls!
The game features numerous characters such as illusionists, ninjas, chickens, and mad warriors! Create your own dream team and upgrade your heroes by defeating enemies!

■Free training system! ■
Countless party build configurations and unlimited character customization!
Upgrade your heroes' skills with skill-enhancing stones obtained by neglecting them and experience heroic strength!
This free RPG clicker game has an excellent build system and a large number of heroes with versatile skills that you can freely customize to form your own party!Customization changes the strength of your character, so use the currency you get from battles to increase your hero's attack, defense, life, attack speed, critical rate, critical damage, and more to make your adventure more comfortable!
The more friends you collect and the more you strengthen them, the more trophy points you get. Get passive skills with the points you collect, and gain experience and gold by defeating more monsters.
With your favorite party, defeat area bosses, get gold and strengthen your heroes!

■ Reinforced by dungeons! ■
As you liberate areas, powerful monsters await you. Dive into the dungeon to obtain superior power!
Gold Dungeon: Damage the Gold Mimic and take the gold! The more damage you do, the better the reward!
Enchantment Dungeon: Damage the Enchantment Mimic to get the enchantments! The more damage you deal, the better the rewards!
Summoning Book Dungeon: Damage a Summoning Mimic to get a Summoning Book! The more damage you deal, the rarer summons you get!
Awakening Dungeon: Break through dungeons to get awakening materials! Heroes can be greatly enhanced by releasing their abilities!
Customize your heroes by giving them the best abilities to make them your own!

■Vertical screen game with hack-and-slash-like strategy and character growth
An abandonment clicker game! DoTap Quest" is a free role-playing clicker game with elements of an action nurturing game and an abandonment-based RPG. Explore the fascinating world of dots anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.
If you are an avid fan of abandonment fostering, clicker games, and dot art, you will definitely love "DoTap Quest"!
Embark on an epic free RPG abandonment game with these adorable and cool pixel dot characters!
Players can mold their heroes into different forms and shape their destiny with every decision they make.

Download now and start creating your own legend in this enchanting pixelated world!
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