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Cards Ahoy! is a fast-paced trading card game where players collect MEME cards to build their decks and use their wisdom and strategies to compete with other players across the world. Clash to unleash the power of your cards! Tap for the excitement of competition!

===Game Features===

【Easy to play a 60-sec round!】
Cards Ahoy! features simple rules with each battle less than 60 seconds. Easy to play for all players, Cards Ahoy! allows you to experience the fun of competition anytime anywhere.

【Clash in a MEME war! BOOM!】
Everything from MEME, and everything for MEME! In the MEME world, DOGE, Sad Frog, and other MEME characters can be found as NFT cards for you to use to compete against one another.

【“Cards Ahoy!” X "NARAKA: BLADEPOINT"】
The first crossover collaboration is coming: Viper Ning, a popular character from the top-ranked action competitive game "NARAKA: BLADEPOINT" on Steam, will transform into a Mythic Card, landing in the world of "Cards Ahoy!" to bring a brand-new gaming experience to players.

【Create your NFT with cards!】
All cards in Cards Ahoy! are NFT assets that you have sole ownership of on the blockchain. Players can collect them through battles, Mystery Boxes, trades, and other ways. Cards with high Rarity will release higher Attack Power through clashes in battle. Cards with the same name can be developed and upgraded to unlock even more powerful skill effects. Hurry up and build your card collection on the blockchain!

【Build your exclusive decks!】
200+ cards, 4 Factions, and thousands of team-up styles for you to choose from to build your exclusive decks. Cards of new factions and systems will be added along with future updates to enrich your gameplay.

【Top the Ahoy Ladder now!】
Challenge players from all over the world and raise your ranking in this exciting real-time PVP Ahoy Ladder matches for massive rewards and more cards!

Welcome to join the official community:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardsahoygame
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/metalistgame
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