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Makafusigi no Mekyu is an immersive roguelike 3D dungeon RPG.
Players explore five randomly generated dungeons, using their skills and items to uncover treasures and obtain unknown dungeon treasures.
Players choose from eight different professions and develop their own strategies as they explore the depths of each dungeon.

Randomly generated dungeons: The layout of the dungeon and the placement of events changes each time, offering new challenges to the player.

A wealth of equipment: Collect randomly generated equipment to strengthen your party and aid in your adventures.

Various professions: Players can choose from a total of 8 different professions, which can be changed at will before exploring the dungeon. Each profession has its own unique skills and characteristics.

Power of Blessings: By examining randomly appearing altars and defeating mid-bosses, players can gain the power of blessings to strengthen their party and advance in their quest.

Magic stone with mysterious power: You can sometimes find magic stones in treasure chests found in dungeons. Some stones have a variety of effects, such as allowing you to learn skills, gain levels, permanently enhance your status, or even repel amazing monsters. Making good use of these magic stones will be the key to a successful exploration.

Collecting Gems: Explore the four dungeons and collect the key gems that will open the entrance to the unknown dungeon. The legendary Symphonia Gem, located in the lowest level of the dungeon, will bring peace to the kingdom.
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.1
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