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Dear Mayor, it's time to assemble! Build your Adventure City, manage Gear Shops, and lead heroes to triumph over the Demon Legion! The legendary showdown awaits you!

In this game, you'll act as the city mayor, managing various buildings and fostering economic prosperity. To fend off the impending apocalypse, you'll recruit and train heroes, provide them with gears, food, lodging, and other services, and forge legendary gears for them to hunt Demons and challenge Hell Bosses. The intense survival contest is about to begin!

■ Unique Management Simulation
Various buildings: Hospital, Restaurant, Tavern, and more.
Procure: Supplies are procured from heroes after their hunting or battles.
Craft: Products crafted are stocked in the city's buildings for heroes in exchange for Gold coins.
It's all about your management strategies—allocate resources properly to ensure facility functions and economic growth!
■ Casual Idle Gameplay
With Fast Dispatch, you can dispatch heroes for battles promptly! The Idle Gameplay enables auto-upgrade for heroes and auto-collection of resources gained in maps. Don't forget to claim your offline gains in time!
■ Freeform Building Simulation
Construct various functional buildings to serve heroes and beautiful structures to decorate your city! Unlock new gameplays and services to boost the city's popularity and attract more legendary heroes to settle down.
■ Powerful Unique Heroes
Nearly a hundred heroes await you in the card pool, and all of them can be upgraded automatically while idling! They have various traits, different stats, classes, and bonds. It's up to you to create the best lineup!
■ Superb Gears
Craft epic and legendary weapons, accessories, and other gears in shops, boost them by various combinations with Gear Enhance Stones dropped in free idle battles, and equip them on your beloved heroes to fight far and wide!
■ New Pet System
Challenge unique dungeons to unlock and upgrade rare pets for free. Make proper combinations of pet skills with hero bonds to maximize your combat power! This is a perfect fusion of management simulation and card-based strategy gameplay.
■ Exclusive Character Development
Dozens of lineup styles, hundreds of weapons and gears, and thousands of gear stats and elements enable endless possibilities! Enjoy the fun of character combinations and cultivate characters exclusive to yourself.
■ Dungeon: Endless Abyss
It has no limit on challenge attempts, allowing you to collect free Hero Summon Vouchers and boost materials as much as possible. Try your best to get ranked on the server's Ladder Leaderboard!
■ Boss Battles for Loot
Sound the battle horn to summon Hell Bosses, and rally your heroes for a challenge! Valuable materials and Gold Chests will be available for free!
■ PvP Arena: Legendary Showdown
Engage in battles against heroes from other cities! The one who uses bonds and card strategies the best will be the ultimate victor!

Regular events, updates, and new content are always in the pipeline. Come recruit nearly a hundred heroes and build your own city in the world of Adventure City!

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