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**You'll be super hooked!! A simulation game well received by users**
Be a novice god and regenerate a planet that has turned to a dry-out desert!
Easy to play but packed with content, this is an "auto-progress" simulation game of planet regeneration.
*The only language used in this game is Japanese.
"The goddess", the chief of gods has unwittingly turned a planet filled with greens to a desert!
You, a novice god, has been appointed together with "RAMY", a servant of the goddess, to regenerate the planet.
[How to play]
*Bring back greens to the desertified planet!
-When tapping on the desertified land, the land will be planted with greens with the power of the god
-When a huge field is planted with greens, a ruined village or a town will appear!
*Regenerate a town, and increase its population and get a specialty products!
-When a ruined town is regenerated, people of the planet will start living in the town and its population will gradually increase.
-As a token of appreciation, the residents will give you a specialty product regularly.
-When you help a resident who is in trouble, the level of the town will increase and you will see some changes in how the town looks!
-Additionally, you might see new specialty products...?
*Strengthen the power of the god!
-The specialty product you have received can be given to a resident who is in trouble.
-When you help people, a thankfulness will be accumulated and the "level of the god" will increase!
-You can get a new power whenever your level goes up, and this allows you to regenerate the planet more effectively!
*There are many tricks in the fields
-Rocks and magma that interrupt the regeneration of the planet can be destroyed by the power of the god!
-Help animals in trouble and unwind yourself.
-When you hold a festival at a mystical shrine, the population will increase dramatically!
-Mysterious ruins scattered all over the planet. When you regenerate them, you might see some new abilities...?
Bring back greens to the land, increase the population and aim for the complete regeneration of the planet!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.8
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