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The Jinja shrine where a ghost rules over what I trod into!
What I came across in the fear that came again
It was one girl in miko clothes……
The horror escape game second of the goose bumps grade surpassing all fear.
~~~ escape game Ghost-Jinja ~~~
⇒「escape game Ghost-Jinja」Characteristic
* The conventional adventure escape game that I got away, and added a scenario to a game!
* The future changes by your action! It is the escape game that adopted multi-ending.
* It is the escape game of the stage system which can be idle free.
* It is automatically saved whenever I capture a stage.
* It is simple, and the operation is simple to be able to enjoy it to an escape game beginner - senior!
⇒「escape game Ghost-Jinja」How to play
* Match power with miko (Suzu), and let's get away from the Ghost-Jinja.
* The interested place taps it. Do item and "that" hide?
* I just use the item which got and combine it with other items and will try it in various ways!
* As for a hint of the capture being provided in the thing that I burst into laughter and am involved in in a part of the top right corner.
⇒It is recommended in such one
* I am interested in Japanese horror
* The scary people who I get away, and like games such as the ghost and horror system
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