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"Welcome to the fairy tale world - Grimms' Tales: Mergical 2! The brand new merge game sets its background against Grimms' Fairy Tales! In the game, you can merge and meet the characters in the fairy tales, build fascinating buildings, and find the truth behind the mysteries in the tales!

Once upon a time, the fairy tale book possessed inexhaustible magic, bringing countless laughter and hope to the world. But one day, an unknown force took the magic away from the book, and the once vibrant fairy tale world lost its color, becoming cold and cheerless. In the process of merging and puzzle-solving, you need to harness the power of Magic Ink to recolor the pages of the book, bringing the glamour of the fairy tale world back.

With your love and effort for the fairy tale book, you can collect fairy tales, the protagonists, wonder plants, and fairytale buildings. Meanwhile, you can unlock unique fairy tales step by step, and even uncover the unknown secrets behind the characters in the book! Upon completion, various characters in the tales will become your best friends, providing assistance on your journey!

Hurry up, let's dive into the world of the fairy tales! Dispel the darkness and unravel the mysteries!

* Characters with varied features. Merge and unlock up to 100 different characters, booming and jazzing up your fairy tale book.

Merge items to activate the fairy tale book
* More than 500 items to Merge and Interact.
* Place 3 same items together and see the grand power of magic.
* Collect the wonder and mysterious Magic Ink to revive the land.
* Use the materials collected to redesign or upgrade your buildings.

Various gameplays and tasks
* Unique and graceful buildings to adorn your amazing fairy tale book.
* Interesting and thrilling events, infinite exploring and gaming.

Download now and design your world!"
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