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*** Boil eggs for OSSAN! ***
Based on the worldwide, hugely popular collection game, Boiling OSSAN Eggs, a completely new edition finally makes its appearance!
So easy to play, anyone can enjoy it!
Collect and boil eggs to get OSSAN! (a middle-aged Japanese man)

* Simple to learn, easy to play! *
1. Boil eggs.
2. Peel them.
3. An OSSAN egg is born!

Super-simple, indeed!
Try to gather more and more unique OSSAN with different personalities!

* Interesting boiling pots appear one after another! *
If you collect a certain number of OSSAN, you can receive new pots to use!
Changing pots will allow you to get new OSSAN eggs!

* Rotten eggs equal rotten OSSAN... However... *
By getting a "Reverse Pot", you can collect rotten OSSAN!
The first reverse pot is on the house; you can buy the rest from the shop!

* Pro tips on boiling *
Salts bought from the store can be used to speed up the boiling time,
notify you when an egg is boiled, or even prevent them from becoming rotten!
How convenient! Why not try using them?

* Brain training game included! *
Anyone, even beginners, can play the included brain-training mini-game
"OSSAN Memory!"
Can you match up the same OSSAN without looking at their faces?
Feel the training effect difference on your brain!

* And so, what exactly is a boiled OSSAN egg...? *
This collection game demonstrates the irony of the modern day world, by showing a little egg (a baby)
being thrown into the hot boiling water (society).
Eventually, the egg becomes a boiled OSSAN egg, with its own unique personality and taste.


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Popular OSSAN stamps are currently available on LINE!
For LINE users, why don't you give them a try?

Series 1: http://line.me/S/sticker/1001453
Series 2: http://line.me/S/sticker/1110667


If you haven't played the OSSAN series yet,
feel free to give these apps a try!

- Ossan Train Stuffing!
- OSSAN Eggs! Series

Have fun with the OSSAN series!
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6 Rating(s), 1 Comentario(s)
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