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Welcome to "Lethal Horror: Scrap Company" - a horror world where your broken ship stands on an abandoned planet filled with scrap, monsters and jump scares. Your mission is to find four missing engines and iron parts to repair the ship, carry them and survive, leaving this deadly planet.

Carefully explore the complex locations of the base, fight monsters using the unique Zeus electric pistol and flashlight to fight the darkness and detect hidden threats. This atmospheric game is filled with horror game sounds that will make your heart beat faster. Your life is on the line, and time is ticking. Will you be able to complete your mission and escape this dangerous horror world before it's too late?


Atmospheric and terrifying soundtrack, unexpected screamers and monsters that make your heart beat faster.
Explore a huge map of an abandoned space base on a dangerous planet.
Repair your ship by finding and repairing iron parts and engines, while deadly monsters await you at every turn.
Upgrade your Zeus electric pistol and flashlight to increase their effectiveness in fighting terrible monsters.
Survive in conditions of limited visibility, avoid traps and deadly dangers.
Will you be able to pass this challenge without losing your nerve in the scary atmosphere of "Lethal War: Scrap Company"? Join us on a journey through this deadly horror planet full of challenges and unknown dangers! Time is against you, every choice matters. Lethal War: Scrap Company is waiting for you!
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