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AI Picasso - Dream Art Studio is an AI generated art application developed by AIdeaLab.
Enter the world of AI generated art! Create incredible digital art powered by AI. Allow your fantasy to take you to the most unpredictable places, characters and landscapes. Make experiments and surprise your audience, let’s begin your AI dream art journey together!

This artwork maker app can generate an image from the text using an AI called Stable Diffusion. This functionality is the latest release based on a deep learning, text-to-image model that empowers millions of people to create stunning art within seconds.

Create Amazing Art with AI

A modern art creator takes the best from new technologies to improve the work. We bet you will be impressed by artificial intelligence art if you haven’t tried it before. This great AI drawing app is a great place to start your new digital journey.

Try Out Different Styles

Use stable diffusion and generate detailed images in seconds. Test the latest technology our AI image generator from text. Extracting art from text will bring you to a whole new level of creativity. Open the doors for your fantasy just like Picasso!

What You Draw Turns into Dream Art

Make a draft of what you’d like to see and let the magic begin. AI generated images will re-create exactly what you wanted to see and even better. Don’t limit yourself, art with ai is so easy and fun.

Add Characters and Objects

Just select the area and pick an object. Godzilla in New York, a car on the road or elven ears on your own head? The AI picture generator will make any idea real!

Looking for a great AI artwork generator app (e.g. Midjourney, DALL-E)? Search no more - AI Picasso is exactly what you need!

How to Use AI Artwork Generator

1. Enter the prompt and press the Create button to immediately create the art. For example, if you type in a cat flying in the sky, an AI painter will create an image exactly like that.

2. Enter an image and a prompt, and the AI art creator will generate an image with reference to the image. If you upload a sketch of a person's composition, an image identical to that composition will be created.

Become a professional art maker in seconds with the help of AI generated photos.

Our AI drawer will positively surprise you. Not every image generator can do what this app is capable of. Download it to your smartphone and give it a try.

Enjoy this AI art generator powered by Stable Diffusion starting today!
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