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Mafia Connect is a cartoon-style simulation game developed by EYOUGAME株式会社.

In this game, players can cultivate, team up, and equip characters with weapons freely, and delve into immersive battles with combinations of different colors and link-ups.

Join us and be a part of the gang now!

The protagonist of the game was born into a Mafia family. As the protagonist grows up, so does the family business. On the day the protagonist comes of age, the Mafia godfather expects him to take over as his successor. In running each business, the protagonist must prove themselves the most worthy successor to the family...…

Easy to Connect, Unleash Bonus Damage!
Each level's characters and monsters are generated randomly by the system to create variations, making the game more interesting and challenging. Are you ready to take the plunge into this amazing 2D world full of stunning skill effects?

Grow From a Small-Time Crook to a Stylish Big Shot!
Gangsters from all around the world for you to rally and team up here. Use the attributes to build the best team and maximize your efficiency. Advance and star up to unlock flashy appearances!

Expand Your Business With Ease, Get Rich With Passive Income!
Gyms, live broadcast studios, game rooms, lounge bars… you can run all kinds of business here. Want to grow revenue? Upgrade your business!

Varied Boss Dungeons and Modes, Rare Items Up for Grabs!
A variety of bosses are ready to take on your challenge. If you know how to use attribute restraint, character link-ups, and unique skills in battles, you can easily turn the tide of the game in a second.

Experience the thrilling life of a mobster.
Wait no more. Download the game now.
Be the chosen successor of the Mafia family.

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Mafia Connect Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyoumafiaconnect
Mafia Connect Support: support@eyougame.com
Fecha de lanzamiento:Unspecified
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