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Nofland is a simulation game developed by Novastar Tech Co., Ltd. In this game, Players can run your own alchemy workshop!
Help the residents of Liuli Island, explore Nofland with the fairies, and use alchemy to solve various crises.
Let's aim for the world's No. 1 alchemy workshop together with Charlotte, the original witch, and Pathum, the great spirit of the tree of life!

The Liuli Island, located in the far reaches of the Nofland continent, was once a battlefield between the heavens and the hells.
Chambers of Commerce, churches, humans, fairies, and even witches all live here.
What kind of secrets are hidden in this island where various races gather...
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.7
2 Rating(s), 1 Comentario(s)
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