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Escape from Moon Viewing Hotel (Tsukimi Ryokan) is an adventure game developed by Room's Room.
This game is available in Japanese only.
#4 in simulation ranking on AppStore Japan.

Welcome to "Escape Game Escape from Tsukimi Ryokan".

You are in a locked room.
Solve the mystery and escape.

This escape game is a simple tapping game, and you can enjoy it for free until the end.

【How to play】
・Tap the place you want to check 
・Tap the item to select it, then tap the place you want to use.
・When you want to examine an item, you can enlarge it by tapping the item twice.
・Some items can be combined if you use another item on the enlarged item.

・An escape game where you can enjoy a tasteful world view with beautiful graphics and BGM.
・There are many simple riddles, so even beginners can enjoy it.
・It is an autosave. The game can be continued at any time from "Load" on the title screen.

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Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.3
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