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Raise your own ancient monsters!
Complete the challenges, win 'genes' and evolve them into special species!Have fun exploring the evolution of life!

Kodamon: My Monster is the virtual pet game app where you can experience the magnificent journey of the evolution of life by caring for and raising your monsters. They are the ancient monsters that really existed five hundred million years ago. Meteorite collisions, volcanic eruptions... Can your monster overcome large-scale, global environmental hazards and evolve into a dinosaur, mammal, or human being?
A great variety of cute and colorful ancient monsters await you! Including the strongest monster from the Cambrian period 'Anomalocaris'; the tyrant of the Cretaceous 'T-Rex'; the living fossil 'Coelacanth'; and many more! You can evolve your monster into 130 different species. Share and show off your monster to your friends! Own many monsters and watch them interact on the virtual earth on the linked website.

Kodamon: My Monster is the educational app that allows you to learn about the essential findings of evolution. Equipped with a full-scale illustrated book relating to prehistoric life and fossil, have fun learning a range of up-to-date evolution theories, including Darwin's, all explained in easy to understand language.
The app is the first of its kind linked interactively with the NHK programmes. Get the 'special genes' by completing quizzes from the broadcasts, including the NHK special 'Leaps in Evolution' and the animated series 'Pikaia!' on ETV. Enjoy these programmes and the events with Kodamon: My Monster in your hand.
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