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Are you a true sudoku fan? You are great with the classic 9 and good with 16 x 16, but how about you prove it by solving this 25 x 25 grid.

Main notes:

- Unique puzzles in a 25 x 25 grid.

- Multiple in-built languages (CN, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JP, KO, PT).

- Puzzle engine that will serve you difficulty according to your personal performance.

- Default white on black and other colour palettes.

- A number of initially available hints in case you get stuck, which you could get more (e.g. watch ads, buy).

- Autoplay function (watch a puzzle being solved).

- Look for an ‘i’ icon to see what the buttons are for (these are automatically shown only the first few times you start up the game) in the top right controls panel.

- Many options like:

. Mark possible & impossible candidates.

. Influence text puzzle difficulty.

. Number pad auto-hide onoff.

. Number pad assistance onoff.

. Reposition the number pad (press + hold + drag).

. Adjust menu & number pad sizes.

. Pan & zoom.

. Centre grid.

. Lock rotation.

There are 625 fields that need to match, with a set of numbers from 1 to 25 in every column, every row, and every box. In each of those houses, each number from 1 to 25 appears only once.

Select your preferred language and proficiency level (it’s advisable to start as novice) upon installation and work your way to the top. Many achievements await you on the way. The number pad can assist you in showing only possible field numbers or you can turn that assistance off.

How to play? Briefly check the entire grid for a general impression of the given puzzle. Some fields will already contain clues. Check the concentration of the empty fields per columns, rows, or boxes, whichever preferred. Any column, row or box can also be referred to as a house. Easier puzzles will only have a few empty fields and offer lots of clues. The emptier the grid is, the less clues will be obvious, but they will still be there.

Start in the area with the least number of empty fields. If only one number is missing in any of the columns, the rows, or the boxes, then the missing item is simply that missing number. Fill that number in and continue with other empty fields in the same manner.

The easiest games (like in the beginning, if you start as novice) might only require filling-in some singlets, those are fields with only one possible candidate. Find out which number is missing and place it in. If the selected number is correctly chosen, and when all the occurrences of any item are set, the item will be highlighted and locked in.

Should you notice that something needs our attention, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for playing.
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