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[Este juego es un juego pagado, por lo tanto QooApp no proporcionara su descarga. ]


● Paid games
There are no billing factors within the app.
You can experience it with just one coin.

● Offline play possible
In this work, all data will be downloaded first.
The required capacity will be less than 2GB. Please free up space and enjoy.

● Full voice specifications! (only Japanese)
It is full of voluminous voice parts by gorgeous voice actors.

● Supports 3 languages: Japanese / English / Chinese!
People all over the world can also play WABISABI.

● With bonus function after clearing
It has a built-in CG gallery function and sound gallery function.
You can enjoy both visual and music.

A green satoyama and a blue sky in summer.
In the rice paddies as far as the eye can see,
A refreshing breeze crosses-

"Welcome back!"

Homecoming of the main character, Kosuke, who is studying at an art school in the city
What I was looking forward to was
I love Kosuke
Lovely and kind hearted gods.

Feelings come into contact with each other
Grows like a young leaf
The story of peace and warmth begins.

We hope that various Youtubers and Vtubers will take up the issue.
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Nadie ha calificado el juego aún
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