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Hitofude Dungeon is a one-stroke-inspired roguelike RPG game developed by Minaduki Game Studio for mobile. Numerous items and monsters are available to provide a unique gaming experience each time you play.

Generally, one stage consists of a total of 25 squares of 5x5, and each time you move, the original squares will collapse and you will not be able to pass through. Each square improves the player's stats as it passes. Also, sometimes monsters are placed on the square, and players must defeat the monsters in order to pass through them.

The dungeon have of 10 to 50 levels, and you can earn coins for each breakthrough. By bringing back coins and strengthening the character after the end of the dungeon, you can advance the game to your advantage.

Choose one of the eight characters and capture the dungeon full of monsters!

Game features:
・ 15-30 minutes per game 
・ Cute characters and beautiful monster animation 
・ Music and sound effects that are pleasant to the ear 
・ Simple rules 
・ Difficulty levels are available from beginners to experts
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 3.7
7 Rating(s), 2 Comentario(s)
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Puni Strike! ぷにスト! 3.4
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